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Blues Company
All female fans between 16 and 25 years of age love FS. Born 1971, he studied Jazz Drums at the Amsterdam College of Music. He had toured as far as South- America befor he took over the BC drumset in the year 2000, introducing all the experience and inspiration gained in his previous Jazz and Pop projects.

Flo uses :

Drums :
Live: Yamaha Recording Custom
18*14 BD
8*7,10*9,14*12 Toms
Studio : Yamaha Beech Custom
10*9,12*10,16*14 Toms

Snaredrums : opticional
14*5 Yamaha Steve gadd Custom Model
14*5 70er Ludwig Supraphonic
14*5 Tama Starclassic Maple
12*5 Sonor Hilite

Cymbals :
14" Zildjian K-Custom Session HiHat
16" Zildjian K-Custom Fast Crash
17" Zildjian K-Custom Fast Crash
20" Zildjian K Heavy Ride
20" Zildjian Oriental Crash of Doom

LP Ridge Rider Cowbell
LP Rhythm Tech
Schlagwerk Groovy Shaker
LP Giovanni Hidalgo Conga

Pedals :
Pearl Eliminator BD-Pedal
Yamaha 900 Series Hihat

Roc N Soc Drumchair
Hardware : Yamaha

Sticks :

Drumheads: Remo
Snare: Coated Ambassador or Fiberskyn,
Toms: Coated Emperor

BD: E 902,Snare: E 604,Toms E 606

Shure E3 Inear
Rane CM86 Compact Mixer
DBX 266 XL Compressor/Gate
Tama Rhythm Watch