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Blues Company
Mike was born 1961 in England. His Carribean father passed the Reggaea feeling on to him and he picked up his blues riff and slide leads from visting Blues legends. Mike also blows a hot harp and together with his vocals has formed the Blues Company’s front duo with Tosho since 1982.

Mike uses:
Fender Telecaster ,
Fender Thinline
Gretsch White Falcon
Guild Acoustic
Hoyer "Bo Diddley"
Dean Chrome G Resonator
Squire Jazz Bass

Amps :

Fender Blues Deville, Blues Junior,
Peavey DELTA BLUES 1 X 15
Peavey “ Jack Daniels “ 30 T
Peavey Delta Blues 2 X 10
Marshall AS 50 R

Effects :
TELENORDIA TK23 Kompressor

Harpmike :
Astatic JT-30

Vocalmike : SENNHEISER EW 365
Ampmike : SENNHEISER E 609

Strings :
ELIXIR Nanoweb Electric Guitar Strings 010 - 052
ELIXIR Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings 011 - 052

Monitoring : D&B Technologies In Ear System 2200 R